Gary Staines


Gary Staines is the owner of the Runners Roost in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Having owned the store since 2004, Gary and his wife Linda have developed one of Colorado’s best local businesses. Gary was a member of the 1988 British Olympic team, having made it to the Olympic final in the 5K. Gary placed 13th overall in the 1989 IAFF World Cross Country Championship, where his team won a silver medal. Additionally, Gary earned an individual silver medal in the 1990 European Championship for 5k with a personal best (PB) of 13:14, which ranked him #9 in the world. Owning a 3:53.82 (mile) and 13:14 (5k) PB.

Gary illustrated additional range and longevity in his professional running career in 1996 when he set the world record for 10 mile (46.11) in Portsmouth, N.H and then he ran 2:11.25 at the Chicago Marathon, which placed him fifth. Gary still runs or bikes every day of the week along the many beautiful routes in Colorado Springs. His extensive background in running gives him the expertise needed to fit customers to the proper running shoe.