Are you in the Right shoe?

A common misconception is that all shoes are created equal and therefore work for every runner.  When in reality there are three major categories: neutral, structured,  and motion controlled. Do you know what category you should be in? Each member of our staff is educated in gait analysis, and are here to help you find the right fit.


When you come to Runners Roost to purchase running shoes, we provide you with a complimentary gait analysis.  We always start by having a conversation about what you want from your shoes.  The majority of our customers come to us looking to find the right shoe for running, cross training, hiking, and everyday walking.  We will watch you walk barefoot to take a look at your foot shape/width, arch height, and gait (whether you are neutral, supinate, or pronate).  After determining your foot profile we will grab a selection of shoes for you to try on. Finally we will watch you run/walk in the shoe to insure it’s comfortable to you, and gives you enough support. It is not necessary, but if you bring your old shoes in with you we can take a look at them and get a better understanding of your history.




You can always look at the bottom of your current running shoes to decide if you need new shoes as well. If you have a pronation or supination wear pattern, it is likely that you are in the wrong style of shoes.  Runners who pronate often need more support. Runners who supinate might be over corrected, or have to much support in their shoes.

Common injuries for runners who supinate, or are over corrected, are anterior shin splints, IT band syndrome, and hip pain.  Likewise, those who pronate, are likely to experience posterior tibial shin pain, bunions, knee pain, and even lower back or hip pain.

Take a look at your shoes, and know that we are here to help you!